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The Power of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is grounded in the age old philosophy of Vitalism. What is Vitalism? As we understand this today and as more and more research in the field of quantum physics and neuroscience is beginning …more

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Mindfulness Meditation

In a nutshell, Mindfulness Meditation is the act of bringing your awareness to the present moment without attachment or judgment.  I know what you’re thinking … easier said than done.  In fact…more


I have received two acupuncture treatments from Shant in the past couple of months for menstruation cramps and the results have been incredible. I would normally have to take quite a bit of Advil to relieve the pain however, since the treatments I have not taken any medication. Before acupuncture, I would rate my pain from the cramps a 9 out of 10, but now it's about a 5. Mild cramping is normal because the uterus contracts to shed the lining. I also had a lot of clots which really contributed to the pain, but after acupuncture I noticed the menses flow is very fluid with fewer clots as well. Thank you, Shant ! M.L

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A bumpy road to recovery


As much as we all want to feel instant relief, the truth is that the road to recovery can be bumpy at times. It’s common when starting chiropractic care that your symptoms tend to worsen initially.  The back pain may feel more aggravated, or move to a different area of the back and hips.  You may even feel some…

Pain getting on your nerves ?

brain body connection

Is your pain getting on your nerves ? If you find that a particular symptom such as neck or low back pain has been ongoing for quite some time – more than three months – it may be time to get your nerve system checked. The pain doesn’t necessarily have to be constant for the entire length of…

What you should know before getting adjusted…


Many people think Chiropractors are “back doctors”.  It’s a common misconception since we focus our adjustments on your back.  It just happens to be where your spine is located. Put it this way, if your spine was on your arm, we’d be called “arm doctors”.   Why the spine ? When chiropractic was developing as…