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Top Chiropractic Clinics in Toronto 2015
A Toronto, ON Chiropractor winner of the Patients' Choice Awards.
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What is Chiropractic ?

Chiropractic is the study of alignment. More specifically, it is the study of how alignment affects your nervous system, your neurophysiology. We know that the entire human experience is controlled by …more

Clinic Hours of Operation

Monday 9:00 am – 12 2 – 5 pm
Tuesday 2 – 5 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 12 2 – 5 pm
Thursday             Closed
Friday 9:00 am – 12
Saturday 9:00 am – 12


What is Acupuncture ?

Acupuncture is a therapeutic method used to encourage natural healing, reduce or relieve pain and improve the function of cells, tissues and organs in the body. It involves the gentle insertion of fine hair-like…more


My low back had been killing me. I could hardly get dressed up, or lace my shoes. I went to see John following the advice of a colleague who had been seen him.  John explained to me in great details what was causing my back pain. He manipulated me and relieved straight the pain.  I now come to see him twice a month and every time I feel he is making lots of good to my legs, back and neck by just manipulating my spine.  I am grateful to a John for his care and will definitely recommend him to anyone having back/neck pain.  C.L.

Latests Posts

Once I start getting adjusted, do I have to keep going ?

chiro hands

They say once you start Chiropractic, you can never stop. It’s a common misconception I hear almost daily – if not weekly and I totally get it. Its absolutely true. Once you start getting adjusted, you shouldn’t stop. And here’s why… Chiropractic is NOT physiotherapy.  You go to the physio because you have an injury…

What’s the REAL cause of TMJ disorder ?

TMJ disorder

TMJ stands for Tempo-mandibular joint otherwise knows as the jaw joint.  If you place the tip of each index finger directly in front of the ears and open and close your mouth, you’ll feel the jaw joint opening and closing.  The mandible is the medical term for the jaw bone and “Tempo” refers to the temporal bone of the…

The Best Part of a Vacation !

vacation beach

Over that last few years, I’ve come to realize something powerful about vacations – and its the day I come back to work.  In that moment of re-entry – back into my old patterns and habits – lies a huge potential of insight. Let me explain. The vacation is really a ‘vacating’ from your daily…