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The Power of Chiropractic

Dr. John believes and practices from this one philosophy;  The power that created the body is the power that heals the body. Chiropractors don’t heal or cure, we merely bring one into alignment so that the flow …more  

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Mindfulness Meditation

In a nutshell, Mindfulness Meditation is the act of bringing your awareness to the present moment without attachment or judgment.  I know what you’re thinking … easier said than done.  In fact…more


I have received two acupuncture treatments from Shant in the past couple of months for menstruation cramps and the results have been incredible. I would normally have to take quite a bit of Advil to relieve the pain however, since the treatments I have not taken any medication. Before acupuncture, I would rate my pain from the cramps a 9 out of 10, but now it's about a 5. Mild cramping is normal because the uterus contracts to shed the lining. I also had a lot of clots which really contributed to the pain, but after acupuncture I noticed the menses flow is very fluid with fewer clots as well. Thank you, Shant ! M.L

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A Story of Baby Lucy

Staying connected

I was at a recent conference earlier this month when I heard Dr. Peter Amlinger tell us a remarkable story of baby Lucy. Little baby Lucy was born 5 weeks early and within the first week of her life she was running into serious problems.  Her white blood cell count was high, she had a spike in…

Defining Health from the Inside Out


How do YOU define health? It’s a simple question, but we don’t give it much thought until our health is compromised. It’s important to understand what it IS and what it’s NOT.  How you look or feel is clearly not a good indicator of health.  We all know of someone who felt great….before they found the cancer.  Or the person who felt…

From Pain to Prevention

neck manipulation

Why is it some people stick with a plan while others quickly fall off the wagon? What would help to keep them on course? When it comes to health care, most patients are genuinely interested in following a health plan – maintenance or preventative care. The intent may be there, but the problem is that…