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The difference between muscle pain and joint pain

Posted by admin - November 28, 2012 - Uncategorized

Many always question whether their low back pain is due to muscular tension or joint restriction.  Here are some simple ways to help you figure out where the pain may be stemming from:

1) Local vs. Referring Pain:   Most often muscular pain tends to radiate or travel down a specific pathway – what’s called a referral pain pattern.  This is diffuse pain (not to be confuses with electrical or shock like pain which is associated with nerve root impingement). For example;  low back muscular pain may refer into the buttocks or even to the sides of the torso.

2) Constant vs. Intermittent: Both muscular and joint pain tend to be quite consistent during painful episodes, however muscular pain will feel more constant in severity and intensity.  Joint pain will feel very sharp during a specific movement only ( i.e.  bending forward or arching backwards ) and feel like a dull ache during the remainder of the day.

3) Range of Motion:  If you find that the range of motion of the affected area is limited or restricted and this causes the pain to get worse, then joint restriction is the culprit.  In which case a chiropractic adjustment or mobilization of the joint segment to restore alignment and mobility is required.

In either case, if the pain persists for more than 3 days, it’s best to see your chiropractic physician for a thorough evaluation.

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