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A Story of Baby Lucy

Posted by admin - April 4, 2014 - Articles

I was at a recent conference earlier this month when I heard Dr. Peter Amlinger tell us a remarkable story of baby Lucy.

Little baby Lucy was born 5 weeks early and within the first week of her life she was running into serious problems.  Her white blood cell count was high, she had a spike in fever and couldn’t control her own body temperature.  She was clearly fighting an infection.

More concerning was her inability to hold down any food.  She had constant diarrhea  which caused her ammonia levels to spike to 190.  At a level of 200, ammonia becomes toxic to the brain.

The medical specialist looking after baby Lucy said that she may have a genetic defect making it difficult for her to metabolize protein.

Mom felt the urge to reach out and write a post about her daughter’s health on Facebook.  One of her friends who happens to be Mrs. Amlinger read this post.  Feeling the desperation in her friends words, she immediately called her husband.

Dr. Amlinger, without hesitation, got into his car the next morning and drove to London Ontario praying the entire way.   He reached the hospital, met with mom and dad and checked on baby Lucy.   Right away, he noticed her parietal bones (top of the head) were overlapping the occipital bones (back of the head) and her first vertebrae (C1) was subluxated – a sign of stress to the brainstem.  He gently released the cranial bones and corrected the vertebral subluxation and placed her back into the incubator.  Dad immediately noticed how much calmer baby Lucy was following the adjustment.

Dr. Amlinger stayed for a couple more hours and then got back into his car and drove home.When he got home, he received a text from baby Lucy’s dad saying ” Her temperature has stabilized ! ” .  The next morning, he received a second text saying that her blood work came back normal.

She was taken off antibiotics and her infection had disappeared.  The medical specialist looking after baby Lucy said ” It’s weird, but as soon as your Chiropractor showed up, everything started fixing itself ”

The best part of this story was when Dr. Amlinger called up baby Lucy and her mom to the stage….what an amazing sight to see , now nearly 6 months old, healthy and vibrant !

Everything started to fix itself.  It’s a simple yet powerful statement….it recognizes the body’s innate ability to heal when the communication between the brain and body is flowing freely.   When this flow of energy is interrupted, the function of every cell, tissue and organ is compromised.

Infants may not be able to talk to us and tell us what’s wrong, but they communicate through a different channel – beyond words.  Sometimes we call this intuition or a gut feeling.  Mom was in the mindset to hear this message and felt the need to post it on Facebook.  She acted on her intuition and the universe took care of the rest.

How connected are you ?  I mean physically and spiritually. When physical connection [your nervous system] is compromised, the mind and body suffer.  When spiritual connection is compromised, your life suffers.  You can get by with one, but if you want LIFE to have full meaning , you need both.

We are constantly immersed in this fabric of consciousness and the story of baby Lucy beautifully reminds us that staying connected is what keeps us alive.

I thank Dr. Amlinger for sharing this inspirational story.

To Your Health,

Dr. John Filo

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