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Giving the gift of presence

Posted by admin - December 21, 2014 - Articles

With the holidays rolling in, the holiday stress is almost palpable.  Not only are TIME and MONEY constraints much more apparent, but throw in the stress of family, work or relationships and it all makes for a perfect storm.

Being overwhelmed during this time of year is a stark reality for many as the spirit of the season gets lost under all the pressure….and therein lies the opportunity.

You see, pressure has a way of bringing out the hidden aspects of yourself.  Take the ‘broth’ analogy as an example. When you boil a stock of bone broth, the impurities quickly rise to the surface and need to be discarded. When your pressure builds up, the incongruencies of your life also rise to the surface. They too need to be discarded.

It’s difficult to recognize your own habits when things are comfortable. When stress takes you out of your comfort zone, your habits light up like a Christmas Tree.

A great mentor once said; ” A habit is something you’re not aware of when your doing it, but the moment you place your attention to it, it’s no longer a habit – its a CHOICE.”

Think of it this way…

A movie is made up of a thousand still frames spinning fast on a reel.  A day in your life is made up of a thousand subtle choices  – countless decisions from one moment to the next. It’s nearly impossible to observe a still frame while the reel is spinning at high speeds.   You need slow motion.

Awareness and presence slows down the movie reel of life enough to recognize the still CHOICES that make up each frame.

When you change one frame, – one decision – the movie as a whole changes. As you continue to do this, the movie reel picks up momentum again.  Now you’ve changed an old habit to a new habit – one that’s more aligned with your true self.

If you want to start the new year on a stronger footing, then use this time of turbulence to your advantage by recognizing the habits that lie deep within.  Bring them to light through awareness and presence. Be the observer and study your thoughts, words and actions – how you react to people, situations and circumstances.

Recognizing your patterns as choice rather than habit is the seed of empowerment.

If the practice of being more present has been your struggle this year, then allow the stress of the holiday season to be your test. Gauge your growth.  Strengthen your alignment and hold your space.

Practice presence in all you do so that WHAT you give comes from a place of authenticity.  Be your authentic self, its what the world needs most.

Give the gift of presence.

From all of us at YFC, we wish you a blessed holiday season infused with health, love and happiness !!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

To your health,
Dr. John Filo

Yonge Finch Chiropractic & Health Centre
5650 Yonge St.  Suite 1A – Ground floor
North York, ON

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