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Changing sick care is an inside job…

Posted by admin - June 16, 2015 - Articles

Today – after her 3rd adjustment – I had a patient tell me that she hadn’t slept this good in years.  She started Chiropractic care last week because of chronic neck and shoulder pain.

“It’s like I’m catching up on all the sleep I’ve missed over the last 5 years” were her exact words.  The truth is that deeper sleep or REM sleep is one of the most common effects when starting chiropractic care – especially in children.

Her next comment was an obvious follow up.

“Ok….sooooo why is it that medical doctors don’t know this?  I was prescribed sleeping pills for the last 3 years ! ”

I felt her frustration and here’s how I explained it to her…

A city is run by different departments right ? There’s planning and development, taxes, garbage removal, road maintenance, utilities etc.  Each department has specific duties and tasks and each department ultimately reports to City Hall.

If there’s a pot hole that needs to be fixed or a road spill that needs cleaning, the appropriate department gets notified and a crew is sent out to fix the problem.  This is what we call emergency care or acute care.  We need a quick fix to the problem.

When it comes to our health care system, Medicine is the emergency task force that comes to fix the problem.  They specialize in delivering acute care.  Whether you’ve fractured your wrist in a car accident or have a severe infection that needs immediate antibiotics, the hospital or walk in clinic is the place to go.

Now, if the city is being run poorly….i mean the budget is out of control, the departments are understaffed, corruption is rampant and there is failure of proper oversight – this is a CHRONIC problem.  Its not something one single department can fix.

The same goes for your health.  A chronic illness is a systemic problem.  The entire body is paying the price.  Whether its irritable bowel disease, autoimmune disease, or disc degeneration the whole body is affected.  Every organ system is in some way feeling the effects of the dis-ease.

Trying to fix chronic illness by attempting to clean up each organ one by one is like trying to fix a corrupt city one department at a time.  Its a complete waste of energy and its futile. It requires a top-down approach.  You need to clean up the mess at City Hall first. Then the rest easily follows suit.

Medicine is absolutely critical in providing essential emergency care….fixing the potholes, repairing a water main brake or cleaning up the mess after an ice storm !  But you can’t rely on medicine to fix chronic illness.  You first need to re-establish proper oversight and governance. This can only come from the top-down.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture are designed to work with the nervous system. Chiropractic stimulates nerve receptors around each vertebral joint of the spine while Acupuncture stimulates an intricate network of nerves along  specific mesodermal lines (meridians).  The effect is to remove tension in the body and restore balance to the system as a WHOLE via the nervous system.  Its a top-down approach.

When balance is restored, communication between the brain and body is restored.  The lines of communication between City Hall (Brain) and all the departments (cells) are functioning again.

You need both to run a city.  Acute care for emergency situations and chronic care to restore governance and maintain proper oversight and communication.  Both are essential, but they’re two very different systems.

The Medical perspective is changing….all be it very slowly.  The problem is that our current medical system is trying to govern both emergency and chronic care.  And the model is clearly failing from a health perspective and busting at the seams from a fiscal perspective.

The good news is that many folks are embracing the idea of vitalism – a mind and body approach to health.  The public is choosing a better way.  One that embraces Wholeness.  And as this movement gains momentum, our health care system has no choice but to change.

We all know real change happens from within….one patient at a time.

To your health,

Dr. John Filo

Yonge Finch Chiropractic & Health Centre
5650 Yonge St.  Suite 1A – Ground floor
North York, ON

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