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What’s the REAL cause of TMJ disorder ?

Posted by admin - October 8, 2015 - Articles

TMJ disorderTMJ stands for Tempo-mandibular joint otherwise knows as the jaw joint.  If you place the tip of each index finger directly in front of the ears and open and close your mouth, you’ll feel the jaw joint opening and closing.  The mandible is the medical term for the jaw bone and “Tempo” refers to the temporal bone of the skull – the bone above and behind the ears.

TMJ disorder is a diagnosis that describes pain when opening and closing the mouth.  Some also complain of a popping or clicking noise during chewing or yawning.  It’s a painful condition that causes the muscles around the TMJ – the masseter, temporalis and pterygoids – to tense up and limit the movement of the jaw.

What causes TMJ disorder ?TMJ

TMJ disorder itself is a mechanical misalignment of the two bones that make up the joint – the mandible and temporal bone.   When the alignment is off, the disc inside the joint will get stressed due to abnormal tracking or movement.  This causes inflammation to the joint and soft tissue and leads to muscle guarding and tension to the primary muscles of the TMJ – the masseter, pterygoids and temporalis muscles.

What causes the misalignment of the TMJ ? 

The misalignment may be the result of physical trauma ( ie. head injury, motor vehicle accident, concussion etc.)  or it can be the cause of slow and progressive postural stress ( prolonged sitting at a desk, forward head posture, neck tension ) which leads to poor neck alignment which further leads to poor cranial alignment (ie. head tilt ) and this contributes to a misalignment of the TMJ.

Which ever the cause, the fact is that the only solution to resolving TMJ disorder at its cause is by restoring cranial and spinal alignment.  The only way to take stress off of the TMJ is make sure the two bones are tracking in alignment.

Do mouth guards really work ?

The most common procedure now a days is using a mouth guard to realign the mandible.  This attempt rarely works to correct the underlying problem because all it does is compensate for the off bite.  Its only looking at half the problem.  You can’t fix the problem by just working on the mandible (jaw),  you must look at both sides of the joint ( the cranial bone AND the jaw bone )

And do you really want to wear a mouth guard for the rest of your life ??

I know I don’t !!

Correcting the cause of TMJ

The treatment for TMJ disorder – at its cause – is through a combination of cranial and spinal alignment correction.  It takes a relatively short period of time to correct these issues – usually within 4-6 treatments – and it involves no guards, no drugs and no surgery.  And no, its not painful.  The technique is a specific chiropractic adjustment that slowly realigns the cranial and spinal joints and allows the tracking of the TMJ to return back to normal.  The inflammation subsides once tracking of the TMJ is restored. The muscle guarding relaxes and the jaw joint can now open comfortably – without pain.

Structure = Function.  Once structure is restored, function is restored.

Don’t suffer with TMJ and waste your money and time with treatments that only focus on symptom care !  Correct the problem at its cause and get back to living your life without pain.

To your health,

Dr. John Filo


Dr. Filo specializes in a procedure called Functional Cranial Release (FCR) in correcting conditions like TMJ disorder, Tinnitus, Sinusitis, Eustachian tube disorder, Vertigo, and Migraine Headaches.  You can learn more about FCR by visiting





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