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Once I start getting adjusted, do I have to keep going ?

Posted by admin - April 5, 2016 - Articles

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They say once you start Chiropractic, you can never stop.

It’s a common misconception I hear almost daily – if not weekly and I totally get it.

Its absolutely true.

Once you start getting adjusted, you shouldn’t stop.

And here’s why…

Chiropractic is NOT physiotherapy.  You go to the physio because you have an injury or a condition that needs fixing.  The condition gets better, you stop going.

You don’t keep going to the physio to prevent an injury, you go to the physio totreat the injury.

Make sense ?

Not the same with Chiropractic.

Chiropractors are more like Dentists.  Yes, you go to the Dentist to take care of a cavity or gum infection, but you also go for regular check-ups to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Chiropractors maintain proper spinal function.  Yes, the spine – the part of the body that controls the power supply to every single cell, tissue and organ of the body.

Typically, check-ups should be once a month.  Why?  Because postural stress and emotional stress accumulate on the spine.  Much like plaque accumulates on the teeth.  The check-ups are intended to ensure that accumulated stress on the spine is cleared away.  With a proper Chiropractic adjustment.

It’s that simple.

When you view Chiropractic through the lens of therapy, it gets grouped in with physio-therapy – and therefore, the question “ Why do I need to keep going?” is sure to arise.

When you view Chiropractic through the lens of prevention, it falls into the same category as Dentistry – and therefore, the question “ Why do I need to keep going ?” has a clear and obvious answer.

Think prevention.  Think function.  Think health.

Not therapy.

To your health,
Dr. John Filo

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