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John Filo D.C.

When choosing a Chiropractor, you must find one that is aligned with your own core values and beliefs.  So, let me share with you my own philosophy on health.

I believe in Vitalism.

I believe that each and every one of us – at our deepest core –  is a unique expression of the cosmos.  We are immersed in this ocean of consciousness just as each cell in our body is immersed in the ocean called a “human being”.   It may not be consciously aware of its immersion, but it’s the source from which it receives all information and power.  As above, so below.

The Brain is the conduit that connects the two.  The brain is the receiver of information and it relays that information to every cell, tissue and organ through the spinal cord and nervous system.  Our ‘optimal’ state  is when we are connected and aligned with this higher intelligence.  Only then are we in alignment with our higher purpose and fully alive.

Therefore, my job, as a Chiropractor, is not to heal you.  Your body already knows how to do that – it has an innate intelligence within that surpasses anything you and I will ever know.  My job is simply to remove the interference and restore the balance.  That’s it.   That’s the intention behind a specific chiropractic adjustment.  Remove the interference in the system so that balance is restored to the system.

All disease manifests when the nervous system is not communicating clearly with your body. It’s the nervous system that supplies power to regenerate the billions of cells that run the body. Poor regeneration – over time – leads to poor cellular function.  When cells and organ systems fail to regenerate optimally, the effects are cumulative.  Once it reaches a threshold, the body sends a signal.  It manifests as pain, tension, numbness or tingling and inflammation.

In Chiropractic, this loss of neural integration is known as a subluxation.    [sub] = less than  [lux] =  light,  [ation] = condition.  In other words, a condition of less than adequate light.   What is light?  All energy is light, including the energy that flows through your body.

Pain, stiffness, tension, inflammation are never the problem.  They are simply the messengers.  And their purpose is to bring to your awareness that something is off.  The system is not functioning coherently. There is an interference somewhere.  Our focus is not pain relief.  Our focus is cause correction.  It’s about addressing the cause of the problem – not the symptoms.   The symptoms will resolve when the cause gets corrected.  You can read more about how the adjustment works to restore balance here.

If this resonates, then you’ve come to the right place.


In addition to private practice, Dr. Filo hosts a weekly podcast called “Your Soul Purpose” where he interviews authors and thought leaders from around the globe.  Past guests include:  Neil Donald Walsch ( Conversations with God), Dr. John Demartini, Debbie Travis and Marci Shimoff (Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul).   Visit to learn more. 


Shant Filo  R.Ac
Registered Acupuncturist and Applied Mindfulness Meditation Specialist 

Shant Filo is a Registered Acupuncturist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for over 10 years and is in good standing with the profession’s respective college.  His post-secondary schooling began at University of Toronto where his undergraduate studies included Cell and Molecular Biology and Human Physiology.

Having a deep rooted interest in medicine and eastern health care, he continued his education at the China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Centre and subsequently obtained a Diplomate in Acupuncture.  Shant’s awareness of continuing education fuels his desire to keep learning and studying new research in complimentary alternative medicine.  He has been personally trained by Dr. Richard Tan in the “Balance Method”, a revolutionary acupuncture diagnosis and treatment protocol.

For the past 8 years, Shant has developed a personal meditation practice and enjoys incorporating meditation with acupuncture treatments.  He recently attained his certification as an Applied Mindfulness Meditation Specialist through the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work.  His passion for health care and helping others began from an early age and this is clearly evident in the level of care he provides for his patients.

Shant believes that all forms of therapy are a team approach between the patient and practitioner. His philosophy in combining and utilizing a multi-disciplinary therapeutic approach for a myriad of conditions often achieve the best results. With an initial focus on relieving symptoms and an ongoing focus on wellness, Shant encourages and supports his patients’ needs in achieving and sustaining optimum health.