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Functional Cranial Release

What is Functional Cranial Release ?

Functional Cranial Release (FCR) is a relatively new endonasal procedure to help with the alignment of the internal cranial bones – specifically the spheniod, maxilla and ethmoid bones.  The spheniod is one of the deepest and largest bones of the skull.  It’s a butterfly shaped bone that sits behind the nose with the upper edge of the ‘butterfly wings’ extending to the temples and the lower ‘legs’ of the bone forming the back of the mouth and jaw.  It’s the ONLY bone of the skull that connects with every other bone.   Therefore, the position of the sphenoid affects the alignment of the entire skull.

FCR therapy uses a small balloon apparatus to mobilize and adjust the internal cranial bones into alignment.  Specific neurological and palpation tests are performed prior to the procedure to determine the location of restriction (subluxation).  The procedure is relatively quick as a small cot is positioned in a specific location and gently inflated to correct the misalignment and restore proper cranial – sacral rhythm and neural tone to the nervous system.

Is FCR a Chiropractic adjustment ?

Yes,  FCR falls under the scope of Chiropractic care and is billed as a Chiropractic adjustment.  If you are covered for Chiropractic care under your health insurance plan, then your FCR procedure will also be covered.

Dr. John combines FCR therapy with sacro-occipital technique and spinal adjustments as needed.   Subluxations of the sphenoid and other internal bones of the cranium are rarely isolated.  Particularly in chronic cases, the misalignment will cause compensatory changes in the TMJ (jaw) and spinal vertebrae (neck and low back).   For this reason, FCR is part of a complete corrective care plan.

How does FCR compare to Balloon Sinuplasty ?

Balloon Sinuplasty is an invasive surgical procedure with the use of general anesthesia to open the  sinus drainage channel due to chronic inflammation.  If poor drainage is due to chronic inflammation, then balloon sinuplasty is not addressing the cause.  It’s symptom care at best.

The nervous system controls the function and regenerative process of every cell in the body – including the sinus cavity and channels.  If the nervous system is not in a state of coherence, this means energy is not flowing from brain to body and the cells of the sinuses are not regenerating.  This may also have an effect on the eustachian tubes, leading to chronic ear infections and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).  Its not a drainage problem.  Its a nervous system out of balance.

FCR and Chiropractic care address the cause.  Through alignment of cranial structures and spinal bones, proper cranial – sacral rhythm is restored allowing the nervous system to return to optimal function.   Structure = Function.  This means increased energy to the cells of the body – not just the sinuses and ears.  To EVERY cell of the body.  The mind-body connection is restored.

Symptom care is always complicated.  Simplicity is correcting the cause.  The body knows how to heal, its our job to simply remove the interference.

Please visit the FCR website for more information.


Dr. John Filo