Infertility is being labeled the “western” disease as more and more research is beginning to point to stress and the busy western lifestyle as part of the underlying problem.  People are truly living in an unprecedented age of success and independence – and enjoying it rightfully so.  Pursuing successful careers, later marriages and keeping up with the Jones’ has slowly pushed baby-making off to the sidelines and into later years.

So, when the mid thirties or early forties come around … the ticking biological clock becomes a stark realization – and now it’s a race to get the “baby-making” phase started.  It’s typically seen as the next important thing on the list that needs to be checked off – preferably very soon.  The truth however, is that the mind and body need to be nurtured to prepare for this giant undertaking.

You expect pregnancy to happen – there’s no reason why it shouldn’t.  You and your partner are healthy and virile and this shouldn’t be a problem.  Right?

So, what’s wrong then?

  • Why am I not getting pregnant?
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • How do other couples try once and voila, here I am trying for months, if not years, with no luck?

Do these sound familiar? There are many more thoughts like them racing through your mind now, right?

I think you get the point! We’re not going to rehash the feelings these thoughts bring about but, that’s where it all starts.  When the expectations are not met, the mind quickly rationalizes that there must be a problem and begins to look for the fix.

This is the crux of it all.

“The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem” – Captain Jack Sparrow

These famous words uttered by Captain Jack (Johnny Depp) although a catchy phrase hold a profound […]