Step 1: Initial Intake Forms

On your initial visit, you’re required to fill out a standard initial intake form, history questionairre, and review and sign the patient consent form. If you have access to a printer, you may also print the intake forms under the New Patient Centre of the website, complete at your convenience and bring the forms with you on your scheduled initial visit. This paperwork provides us with your medical history and general information about your condition.

If you have copies of any relevant tests ( x-rays, MRI or CT scan) please bring them with you as well.

Step 2:  The Exam

Once your forms are completed, you will begin your examination with Dr. John to discuss your health related concern and review your medical history. The physical examination will include a thorough assessment of the muscles, joints and soft tissue of the spine and affected regions. This includes; Range of motion testing, Orthopedic tests, postural and biomechanical analysis and specific neurological tests.

If further tests are required, the doctor will recommend the appropriate tests (ie. X-ray, Stress response evaluation (SRE), CT, ultrasound, MRI) to reach a definitive diagnosis. The examination is designed so that we may learn more about present condition, including level of severity, how long the condition has been progressing and to give you an ideal expectation with respect to your treatment program.

Step 3:  Review of Findings (the most important visit)

Once the doctor has reviewed all your exam findings, you’ll be scheduled for a follow up appointment to discuss the findings and what they mean to your health.  This is an important visit and Dr. John takes his time to make sure you understand what these findings mean to you and your future health.   You’ll discover how Chiropractic actually works from a neurological perspective and how your body heals when your nervous system is clearly communicating to all your cells, tissue and organs.

Rest assured, you’ll have an opportunity to ask all your questions.  Remember, there are no mundane questions….if its important to you, then you need to be informed.   Being informed is being empowered.