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Treating Head Trauma and Post Concussion Syndrome with Endonasal Balloon Therapy

What is Endonasal Balloon Therapy and how can it help me ?

Endonasal Balloon Therapy (EBT) is a corrective procedure that restores cranial mobility by removing chronic restrictions and mis-alignments of the head and facial plates caused by head trauma from sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents or childhood head injuries.  

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The Link Between Cranial / Meningeal tension and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Conditions

May 2024

We see many patients coming in with chronic sinusitis or eustachian tube blockages – which feels like the ears are filled with fluid and unable to drain. Some present with migraine headaches and tinitus in the ears or chronic jaw pain/clicking known as TMJ disorder. These chronic ENT conditions may also be accompanied with mental fog and inability to focus clearly or early signs of depression.

There are three main causes for ENT conditions; 1) Environmental sensitivity such as seasonal allergies or exposure to toxins such as mold or virus’ 2) Dietary allergies and sensitivities such as gluten, yeast, dairy etc and 3) Poor cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) flow due to cranial restrictions or meningeal tension in the head and face.

If you’ve tried to eliminate exposure to environmental or dietary sensitivities and the conditions still persists, there is a strong likelihood that chronic restrictions may be present in the cranial and meningeal system that are preventing the CSF to flow properly throughout the cranium effecting the sinus chambers. Restrictions in the cranial/meningeal system builds over time (usually months and years) sometimes from childhood head injuries, falls or concussions. This causes the meningeal layer to tighten up preventing the cranial and facial bones from expanding and contracting resulting in poor cranial rhythm. This loss of adequate cranial rhythm leads to poor CSF flow which is responsible for nourishing the neurons of the brain. It eventually leads to poor circulation to the vital organs of the head and face including glands, TMJ, sinus’ and channels such as the eustachian tube. This leads to inflammation and build up of toxicity and prone to recurring infections.

Simply put, poor structure leads to poor function.

The solution should be directed to the cause of the problem upstream, not trying to fix each separate symptom which is downstream. Restoring cranial rhythm by allowing the meningeal layer to expand so that the cranial and facial bones are free to expand and contract is the goal of Functional Cranial Release, an endonasal balloon therapy procedure. This is done slowly over a period of four consecutive days to gently open the cranial /meningeal layer from the inside-out through the nasal passages. By freeing up the restriction in the endonasal chamber, the sphenoid bone is allowed to move again, proper air way passage is restored in the nostrils to improve breathing and production of nitric oxide in the nasal cavity. Mouth breathing is reduced. The sinus channels are opened to allow proper drainage of congested sinus’. The eustachian tube opening is released and the TMJ is restored to its proper alignment.

In short, many common ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions are resolved by removing the restriction in the cranial /meningeal system and allowing the body to function and heal itself by restoring cranial rhythm.

FCR is a drugless and non-invasive holisitic procedure covered in part under your Chiropractic health insurance benefit plan. If you are interested in discussing your case with Dr. Filo, you can request a 15 min complimentary phone consult by clicking on the link below.

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To your health,   
Dr. John Filo

Dr. John Filo has been offering family and pediatric chiropractic care to families for over 20 years in Toronto, Ontario.  Trained in various chiropractic techniques including diversified, gonstead, cranial-sacral and endonasal balloon technique for the treatment of head trauma and concussions. Learn more about this procedure at www.drjohnfilo.com  

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