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Treating Head Trauma and Post Concussion Syndrome with Endonasal Balloon Therapy

What is Endonasal Balloon Therapy and how can it help me ?

Endonasal Balloon Therapy (EBT) is a corrective procedure that restores cranial mobility by removing chronic restrictions and mis-alignments of the head and facial plates caused by head trauma from sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents or childhood head injuries.  

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Following Your Intuition: Navigating Today’s Healthcare System

November 2023

A patient came in recently complaining of sinusitus, mild tinitus (ringing in the ears) and occasional vertigo that has been ongoing for nearly 3 years. She was adamant that something was “off” and her family doctor didn’t know what to do with her. After being referred to 3 ENT specialists, a neurologist and countless tests and imaging scans, the findings all came back ‘normal’.  

“My doctor thinks this is all in my head and wants to prescribe me antidepressants!” she said with a look of frustration on her face. She had called our clinic after watching videos of Endonasal Balloon Therapy online and something told her, she said “This is what I need!”

Functional Cranial Release (FCR) is an endonasal balloon procedure that works on restoring the cranial sutures and meningeal membrane system that effects the brain, spinal cord, cerebral spinal fluid and meningeal layers.

Most, and I mean 90%, of patients coming in for FCR say the exact same thing. They feel that something deep inside is “off” and its not the symptoms, but something much more fundamental. They know when watching the videos, without even understanding what’s happening to the head or meningeal membrane, this is something worth exploring. 

This highlights two important points:

1.  We intuitively know the difference between symptoms we are experiencing and the underlying root cause of the issue. Althought we may not know what the root cause is, we know a solution has to involve addressing the root cause. This becomes the primary driver to search and find a solution. 

2.  When our search stumbles on a potential solution, our intuition KNOWS there is something here worth exploring. Some jump in immediately, while others investigate a bit longer. At some point, either once we’ve convinced our rational mind or when the pain becomes unbearable, we make the call. 

In this patients case, lets call her Janet, all three of her symptoms – sinusitus, ringing in the ears and vertigo – began shorlty after a slip and fall in her bathroom where she hit the side of her head on the bathtub. She recalls blacking out momentarily followed by nausea and headaches. She was rushed to the emergency room and diagnosed with a concussion and monitored for a few days as standard protocol.  Symptoms began a month or so following her fall and have progressively worsened.

Countless specialists, medications and surgical recommendations, she kept searching for that something until she came up on Functional Cranial Release performed by a doctor in Florida. She googled the procedure and found our clinic in Toronto. She called and booked the 4 day procedure and got on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto the following week to start her therapy.  Janet’s case is one of many,  

Post concussion syndrom (PCS) is a debilitating condition and not just limited to sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents. It can happen with slip and falls, hitting your head against a countertop or car door. It can happen in childhood, falling off a bike, play fighting etc.  The effects may take years to develop in adulthood or they may start right after the trauma like in Janet’s case. Each case is unique with many factors at play. 

The point of this post is that in todays healthcare environment that may feel more like sickcare, patients are forced to rely on their own research. It’s difficult when you don’t have the knowledge or clinical education to make an informed decision, which is why I encourage you to trust your instincts. Your inutition knows best. If your symptoms are lingering for too long and conventional medicine is unable to find the cause, open your options by exploring holisitic therapies like FCR.  Don’t wait until the pain reaches unbearable levels and your quality of life, your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing are compromised. Trust your intuition and educate yourself about what’s out there and do your investigating and due dilligence as best you can. Trust your gut through the entire process. It won’t lead you astray.

In todays day and age, conventional medicine has become the minimum builders grade standard.  When you buy a house, you’d prefer that the builder exceeded minimum grade requirements. The same goes for your healthcare, you can get by with minimum grade, but it’s not healthcare, its symptom care at best. 

To your health,   
Dr. John Filo

Dr. John Filo has been offering family and pediatric chiropractic care to families for over 20 years in Toronto, Ontario.  Trained in various chiropractic techniques including diversified, gonstead, cranial-sacral and endonasal balloon technique for the treatment of head trauma and concussions. Learn more about this procedure at www.drjohnfilo.com  

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