Chiropractic is about examining the mobility of the joints of the spine and extremities to determine if any restrictions exist in the motion of the joints.  Using motion palpation techniques we are able to assess if a specific joint structure whether it be in the spine, hips, shoulders or feet, are restricted in any of the three orthogonal axes (x,y and z).

We know through extensive research that if joint restriction is present, the entire musculoskeletal system including the muscles, tendons and fascia are compromised. These secondary compromises in turn present as neurological symptomatology such as pain, inflammation, tension, headaches, numbness, tingling etc.  Often times, in chronic conditions, this may result in abnormal wear and tear of the joints which we refer to as degeneration or arthritis.  To summarize:

 Loss of joint mobility —-> musculoskeletal compromise —-> neurological compromise

Joint motion (or lack there of ) is the primary focus of Chiropractic care.  Once the primary issue is corrected and joint mobility is restored, everything else down the line takes care of itself.

Why do our joints become restricted in the first place ?

Physical stress;  This can be a single traumatic event ( slip and fall, motor vehicle accident, sports injury etc) or it can – more commonly – be cumulative ( poor posture, static posture, lack of exercise, repetitive strain etc).  Often times we find that traumatic events during childhood, whether it be a fall or concussion, present themselves in later years as chronic compensatory changes take hold.

Emotional stress;  What we feed our minds. How we respond to stressors in life and how we hold on to past trauma’s and experiences has a immense impact on our state of mind and the nervous system.  This will impact the spine especially as much of the deep spinal stabilizers are connected to the limbic system through the autonomic nervous system. Whether its continuous stress at work, relationship or health, the effect on the spine is detrimental.

Environmental stress;  What we feed our bodies. What we eat, drink and smoke ( sugar, alcohol, coffee, tobacco etc) all impact the functioning of our physiology.  Weight gain, liver toxicity, high blood pressure all have an impact on our physical bodies and effect our joint structure.

From the list above;  you may identify with one or more RED FLAGS.  Find out what your number #1 red flag is and make an effort to improve it.

Chiropractic is an essential part of a modern healthy lifestyle.  Our bodies are under a constant bombardment of physical, emotional and environmental stress.  In the same way a car requires maintenance and upkeep, the body also requires maintenance and alignment.

In a world where we value holistic choices and the benefits of prevention, Chiropractic is a foundational cornerstone of your primary health care team along with your Physician, Dentist and Naturopath.

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