Chiropractic is the study of alignment.

More specifically, it is the study of how alignment affects your nervous system.  Your neurophysiology.

We know that the entire human experience is controlled by the nervous system.  Everything from muscle function to organ function and mind function is an expression of the nervous system.

Chiropractic is about adjusting the spinal column to restore the nervous system back into a state of coherence.  A state of balance.  When the nervous system is in a state of balance, the body and mind are able to function optimally.  Healing happens when the TONE of your nervous system is in a state of coherence.

What is TONE ?

Think of a guitar string.  If we wind up the strings of the guitar too tight, the TONE of the music played is not in balance.  It’s not in KEY.  The same applies to your nervous system.  When the TONE is not in a state of coherence, the message being transmitted between brain and body is not in KEY.

Since all organs, tissues and cells of the body are dependent on the message from the nervous system, an imbalance in TONE leads to interference in communication.   This means your cells and tissues are not regenerating optimally.  This has a HUGE detrimental effect on how your organs function !!

Chiropractic is about restoring balance back into the system.

How do we get out of balance in the first place?

Three primary stress factors that lead to disruption in TONE are:

Physical stress;   This can be a single traumatic event ( slip and fall, motor vehicle accident, sports injury etc) or it can be cumulative stress ( poor posture, lack of exercise, repetitive strain injury etc).

Emotional stress;  How we respond to stressors in life and how we hold on to past trauma’s and experiences has a immense impact on our state of mind and the nervous system.  This may also be a single traumatic event ( divorce, death of a loved one, motor vehicle accident etc) or it can be cumulative ( repetitive stress from work, parenting, relationships etc).

Toxic stress;  What we fill in our bodies and what we fill in our minds.   What we eat, drink and smoke ( sugar, alcohol, coffee, tobacco etc) and what we choose to fill in our minds (negative talk from others, negative self talk, and useless information ).

From the list above;  you may identify with one or more RED FLAGS.  Find out what your number #1 red flag is and make an effort to improve it.  The less stress on the nervous system, the stronger its ability to maintain proper TONE.

Chiropractic is not about alleviating pain.  Pain is a symptom.  It’s a symptom of a nervous system not in a state of balance.  Chiropractic is about recalibrating the nervous system through a specific adjustment.

The spine has the ONLY direct link to the limbic system ( the emotional centre of the brain).  The spinal adjustment alters the TONE of the nervous system instantly.  It’s not to be taken lightly.  The adjustment restores POWER to the nervous system just as the flick of a switch turns on a light bulb.  It’s SPECIFIC and its POWERFUL.

Your adjustment schedule is specific to you.   How well you hold your alignment and how you respond to care is unique to you.   After all, you have a unique physical, emotional and chemical make up.   So, how you respond to care will be unique to you.

The Chiropractor will monitor your progress at every visit.   Perform a specific adjustment as required and change your adjustment schedule as needed.

Your job is to identify the RED FLAGS in your life and make the appropriate adjustments to keep the nervous system in a state of coherence.


So that you have more clarity, more focus and more attention for the things that  matter to you most.

Life is NOT about getting by without pain.  LIFE is about EXPRESSING your uniqueness to the world !


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