What is Endonasal Balloon Therapy?

Endonasal Balloon Therapy (EBT) is a corrective procedure that restores cranial mobility by removing chronic restrictions and mis-alignments of the head and facial plates caused by head trauma from sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents or childhood head injuries.  

EBT is a very specific Chiropractic procedure that requires extensive training, background knowledge in functional neurology and clinical experience to perform.  EBT is a delicate procedure designed to manipulate the cranial bones and soft tissue endonasal lining from the inside out.  This is essential because all head trauma and concussion type injuries forcibly impact the head and push the cranial bones inward causing the sutures (joints) of the cranial bones to jam and lock up. EBT is the only procedure that works from the inside to push the cranial bones outward and back to their orginal alignment. If not corrected, these impact injuries inevitably lead to torsion of the skull and facial plates causing both physiological and neurological compromise.  

Physiological effects may include: difficulty breathing, chronic sinusitis, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), TMJ or jaw pain, eustachian tube blockage, vertigo and/or loss of balance, vision sensitivity, persistent migraine type headaches and sleep disturbances.

Neurological effects may include: brain fog, memory loss, vestibular dysfunction, poor coordination (hand-eye), facial pain, jaw pain, lack of focus and clarity when performing activities. In severe cases when left untreated, it impacts mental health contributing to early onset neurological degeneration, depression and suicidal thoughts.  

What is involved in the procedure?

During your initial consultation, specific questions will be asked pertaining to your medical history, and current symptomology along with relevant imaging or scans you’ve done recently.  The doctor will examine you through a set of palpatory tests to detect if any restrictions are present in the cranial and/or facial plates.  Often times with head trauma, one side of the head and face will exhibit restriction in joint mobility compared to the other side along with visible torsion of the skull in severe and chronic cases. Based on your history and exam findings, the doctor will determine If you are deemed a candidate for the EBT procedure.

The procedure involves four(4) consecutive days of therapy, each about 30 min in length.  It involves the insertion of a small latex balloon through the nostril and positioned adjacent to one of the turbinates. The patient is asked to continue normal breathing through the mouth as the balloon is slowly inflated towards the sphenoid. The reason for the consecutive days is due to the delicate nature of the procedure; each session slowly expands and pushes outward on the cranial plates and stretching open the soft tissue lining of the airway. The delicate nature of the area demands a slow and steady pace otherwise it would be too painful and cause inadvertent injury.  By the 3rd session, the nasal cavity is much more maleable and expansive to allow the cranial sutures to begin to move and mobilize with minimal pressure. As adhesions within the sutures are released, cranial-sacral rhythm is gradually restored leading to a return to optimal flow of cerebral spinal fluid to nourish the brain and spinal cord.  When structure is restored, function is restored.

Top 5 injuries that benefit from EBT:

  • Sports related head trauma (MMA, Hockey, Football, Lacrosse and Rugby)
  • Motor vehicle accident related head trauma
  • Childhood and adolescent head impact injuries from falls, fights and/or sports
  • Eustachian Tube blockages from chronic and severe colds/flus
  • Chronic Migraine Headaches

Is EBT covered by my insurance?

Yes,  this procedure falls under the scope of Chiropractic care and is billed as a Chiropractic visit.  Most private insurance carriers also have a health spending or flex account that can be used to help cover the cost of the procedure. Dr. Filo combines EBT therapy with sacro-occipital, cranial and upper cervical techniques to ensure all areas of the head and spine are structurally balanced. 

Is it safe?

No drugs and no surgery are involved. It is a holistic Chiropractic procedure and the only therapy designed to correct the root cause and restore cranial mobility naturally and efficiently. In very few instances, patients may experience mild nose bleeding or spotting immediately after the procedure. This is due to the stretching of the soft tissue lining inside the nasal cavity.  Individuals on blood thinner medication may be prone to a longer period of nose bleeding following the procedure.  Please discuss this with the doctor during your initial consultation.

Do I need a medical referral?

No, a referral is not required to see a Chiropractor. If any prior imaging (x-ray or CT/MRI ) have been done for your condition, please bring a copy of the report(s) with you to your initial consultation. The doctor will review your results during your exam.

Is EBT painful?

Some patients have described it as an intense feeling of expansion or pressure inside the nasal cavity. Other patients have described it as a feeling of ” unlocking” or “opening” followed by a sense of immediate relief.  It is common to hear popping or cracking noises during the procedure as blockages are released and facial bones re-align.  The first thing many patients will report is a sudden increase in breathing capacity through the nose and less pressure in the sinuses and ears.

How many sessions will I need?

This is entirely dependent on the chronicity of your condition – the length of time you have been suffering from the symptoms –  and other underlying factors.  One EBT procedure involves four (4) consecutive sessions. If more than 4 are required, additional sessions will be scheduled the following week up to a maximum of 6 total. Other underlying factors include; increased levels of stress, chronic inflammatory conditions due to diet and sensitivities or pre-existing structural limitations (severe deviated septum, cranial deformity, congenital defects etc. ).  

It is also recommended to have an annual follow up appointment after your EBT procedure to ensure cranial alignment and mobility is maintained.  Annual follow ups may require a top up session (single inflation) if neccessary. 

Out of town patients typically fly in on a Sunday and start the EBT procedure on the Monday and fly out on Thursday or Friday following the last procedure. For accommodations, the Novotel Toronto North York on Yonge St (North York Station)  has reasonable rates, subway access and is within walking distance to the clinic.   

What is the cost of the procedure?

The fee for the initial EBT consultation is $120. The complete procedure – which includes 4 consecutive sessions – is $2000.  Additional sessions, if needed, are $500/session. 

To schedule your initial exam, please call 416-218-8870 or email us at info@yongefinchhealth.com

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