The Benefits of Custom Orthotics

The average person walks more than 10,000 steps each day. The problem is not the stress from walking itself, but the restrictive stress that comes from wearing footwear. The joints and muscles of the feet are ultimately confined by your footwear which results in a change in the biomechanics of your gait (i.e. walking pattern).

This constant repetitive stress on the feet has profound consequences. The joints of the feet translate the stress up the kinetic chain to the rest of the body. If the feet are not aligned, then its easy to understand how the rest of the body compensates – resulting in chronic illness. Many people are surprised to learn that their neck and low back pain are an indirect result of their foot mechanics – specifically the height of the arch.

The first and easiest way to treat this problem is by addressing the footwear. It’s very important to be wearing shoes that allow for support and flexibility. The problem, however, is that shoes are not made custom tailored to your feet…..and the really good ones are quite expensive. An easier solution is to compliment a pair of regular shoes with custom built orthotics that are made to correct your specific arch deficiency.

The procedure is relatively short. The doctor will examine your feet, hips and spine to identify the specific problem.  A foam impression will be taken of the feet in non-weight bearing to capture your arch at its highest position and the impression is then sent to a lab to manufacture the orthotics.

There are different types of orthotics for different types of footwear; dress, runners, casual, work boots etc.

If you are experiencing chronic low back, hip, neck, knee or ankle/foot pain, it is worth exploring how custom orthotics may benefit your condition.

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