Injuries stemming from motor vehicle accidents (MVA) may range from mild soft tissue strain to more severe fractures, concussions (head trauma) and/or fractures.   It’s the job of the primary treating practitioner to complete a thorough history of the accident and determine the mechanism of injury; The type of collision involved (rear-end, side impact, roll-over etc), the speed of the vehicle(s) at the time of collision, the position of the claimant in the vehicle at the time of impact, were airbags deployed, did the claimant lose consciousness as a result of the accident.  These are just a few of the questions asked during the initial assessment to determine the mechanism of injury and fully understand the severity of the accident.  This information is then combined with the physical examination findings to help the practitioner reach a more definitive diagnosis as to the level of injury suffered by the claimant.  As you can see, the importance of a proper and thorough initial assessment is very important in establishing the appropriate treatment plan to begin the road to recovery.

The treatment plan for a claimant injured from a motor vehicle accident is not a ‘cookie cutter’ program as the majority of clinics will have your believe.  It’s too often that we hear about these ‘run of the mill’ clinics that provide sub-standard treatment only to maximize the bottom line and leave the claimant holding the empty bag, wondering why he/she has not improved after 6 months of therapy.  It’s even worst that the rehabilitation industry has been the target of fraudsters looking to scam the insurers for millions of dollars.  The writing on the wall is clear;  it’s time the rehabilitation industry as a whole reevaluate the effectiveness of current treatment protocol and begin to establish a new and improved model of therapy that puts that patient at the centre of care.

We believe that integrated therapy is the new model of care.  Using this new paradigm of ‘patient centred’ care at Yonge Finch Chiropractic & Health Centre has proven to improve the rate of recovery, level of overall function, and return to employment.  As an injured claimant, your priority is to return to optimal health and employment as soon as possible.  You want to be out of pain and back to a healthy lifestyle quickly and efficiently.  Integrated therapy will optimize the recovery and enhance the healing process to get you back on your feet again – pain free.  It’s a system that integrates the various treatment modalities by customizing a program specific to the claimant and injuries involved.  It sounds simple right? and it should be simple.  Get the patient better; that’s our bottom line!

Please feel free to contact our clinic if you have any questions or wish to schedule an initial assessment.  Rest assured, our teams of licensed practitioners are focused on putting the patient at the centre of care.