September 2023 – Dr. John Filo

As the season changes, so do our minds and bodies. As summer transitions into autumn, nature begins to slow its pace by moving from the heat and vibrancy of summer to the slower and cooler phase of winter. Autumn, like spring, represents this transitional phase of the seasons in its fullest. 

We forget that our mind and body are also part and parcel of nature and therefore, we too experience this shift in energy and how our body functions. Instead of getting caught up in the like or dislike of the changing seasons, try to simply appreciate it as a natural cycle of nature. The same way a breath requires an inhalation and an exhalation; nature must also go through a similar inspiration (stillness and cooling) and expiration (full blossom and vibrancy). Two essential parts of one action.  

Viewed from this perspective, our awareness moves from liking or disliking this transition to just simply appreciating it for what it is and aligning with it – aligning with the flow of nature vs resisting it based on our likes and dislikes. 

If we fail to recognize this, we waste our vital energy trying to push against the prevailing current which is much stronger than us and we end up depleting our vital energy. Failing to align with this current or flow exhausts our energies and puts us in a depressive and stagnant mindset. We become more irritable, more stressed and reactive to life instead of responsive to life. Our immune system becomes weaker as a result, we become more prone to infection, colds/flus etc. Our soma – body tissue – tenses up in response to a nervous system on edge, exacerbating our physical ailments. 

How to harness the flow of nature?

Listen to the wisdom of the body. Less thinking and more intuitive feeling is required. Begin by appreciating the beauty of this transitional time as an essential part of Life. Appreciate how you, your mind and body, as a dynamic expression of Life are constantly shifting and changing with the ebb and flow of nature. This gives you a fuller recognition of how Life is flowing through you rather than something happening to you. It’s not happening out there in nature but happening within you. By sitting in this awareness, it’s like raising the sail of your boat and inevitably the great current will catch it and align your actions with the flow of Life.

Autumn represents a time for much needed rejuvination and inspiration. A time to nurture the body and mind by immersing yourself into inner cleansing and wellbeing. Clean your space, within and without by cleaning up old garbage including thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you any longer. Instead of thinking of it as hibernation or dormancy, think of it rather as a time for clear reflection on what you’ve experienced and the wisdom it has taught you. A time to conserve and strengthen your energy so that your next blossom shines even brighter.

Look at the changing season outside as a reflection of the change happening within and allow that awareness to guide your choices and actions. It will bring a sense of ease and appreciation for each and every moment.

To your health,
Dr. John Filo
Dr. John Filo has been offering family and pediatric chiropractic care to families for over 20 years in Toronto, Ontario.  Trained in various chiropractic techniques including diversified, gonstead, cranial-sacral and endonasal balloon technique for the treatment of head trauma and concussions. Learn more about this procedure at